Kitten births are unavoidable when dealing with feral colonies, especially whilst a new colony is still in the process of being stabilised or when a feral lady manages to avoid the traps!

In cases like these volunteers at Harties Feral Cat Rescue will often bottle raise these kittens.

They are then adopted out; to deserving, strictly vetted and suitable homes. Thus also ending their breeding cycle and saving them from the harsh life of a free-roaming cat. 

All kittens are tested for FeLV and FIV, de-wormed, receive their first inoculation, micro-chipped and come with a sterilisation voucher or certificate (depending on their age).

Adopting from Harties Feral Cat Rescue

Please read the HFCR adoption policy and complete the adoption form below.

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  • HFCR reserves the right to decline adoption at any time during the process and with no further discussion with regards the reason for decision.
  • The guardian undertakes that the adoption has been carefully thought through and understands that adopting a cat is a commitment that will last for the lifetime of the cat.
  • The applicant undertakes to keep the new cat properly enclosed for a timeframe (at least 3 weeks) or as long as may be required for the new companion to become accustomed to its new surroundings.
  • Should the placing be unsuccessful, the guardian agrees to return the cat to HFCR. The guardian agrees that he/she will not sell, give away or otherwise dispose of the cat. The guardian agrees that no change in guardianship will take place without the prior approval of HFCR.
  • If at any time throughout the future life of the adopted cat HFCR at its sole discretion, determines that the welfare of the adopted cat is compromised, HFCR retains the right to re-take possession of the adopted cat from its guardian. Such entry unto the guardian’s property shall not constitute trespass upon the premises occupied.
  • The guardian gives permission to HFCR to undertake a post adoption visit to the premises where the adopted cat will be living.
  • The guardian agrees that he/she have the financial means and time to provide the cat with necessary vet care and that the cat will be de-wormed regularly, receive flea treatment and annual vaccinations. The guardian agrees to provide the cat with food, water, appropriate shelter and companionship.
  • The guardian agrees to inform HFCR IMMEDIATELY should a cat test positive for FIV or FeLV BEFORE allowing a vet to euthanise the cat. We have had many many instances of false positive readings.
  • The guardian understands that due to the nature of rescue HFCR can make no guarantee of any kind regarding the temperament of the cat. HFCR emphasizes patience over the transition phase.
  • The guardian agrees that if a cat is not sterilised for whatever reason before leaving HFCR the cat will be returned on the recommended date for his/her sterilisation or alternatively be taken at the guardians’ own cost to a reputable vet. Proof of sterilisation should then be provided to HFCR.
Please note: If you do stay in a complex, please email us a letter from your Body Corporate allowing a new cat to:

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