Ferals (TNR)

But for the irresponsibility of man, abandoned / feral cats would not exist.

It is not then our collective responsibility to take care of them?

Founded by JoanneĀ  Kontaxopoulos-Rabe in May 2017, Harties Feral Cat Rescue is 100% volunteer run, a registered non-profit, public benefit organisation devoted to stop the uncontrolled breeding of free-roaming cats.

We are a pro-life foundation, our vision is to live in a community where no kittens are born on the street and where no free-roaming cat go wanting food, water and shelter.

To reach our vision, our mission is to improve the lives of feral cats and eliminate the suffering of uncontrolled breeding by humanely trapping, neutering and returning (TNR) them to their outdoor homes.

Harties Feral Cats Rescue volunteers work in strict accordance with the globally accepted Trap Neuter Return (TNR) programme.

We are currently guardians to almost 800 cats dotted across the greater Hartbeespoort area, and have neutered/spayed in excess of 1200.

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Let’s keep those Feral Boy & Girl cats on the mines in Mooinooi & Marikana fed!

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